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How to Choose the Best Exercise for You

How to choose the best exercise:

No weight room exercises have such a high degree of transfer to sports performance that makes an exercise inherently superior compared to other exercises.

How to chose the best exercise for you:

- Repeatability

o Can you perform the exercise with a consistent technique so that it doesn’t look like a different exercise each rep?

- Optimal loading

o Optimal can mean different things depending on the person and their goals

o To me, optimal loading usually means heavy

o This is why I like the Hatfield squat, heaviest squat variation for me and for most people

- Efficient movement

o The exercise doesn’t need much cueing or intervention from a coach for quality execution

- Targets global adaptations, or if not your goal, targets the necessary muscles and joints that need to be trained

- The exercise is easily adaptable

o Can perform tempo variations

o Shorter or longer effective ranges of motion

o Can include accommodating resistance if you want it

o Can include slight variations of the exercise

Here is the link to a video on the topic:

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