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Train For Power Even If You Don't Participate In Sports: Its Healthy

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I know most people who consume my content are athletes, people who want improve their sports performance, or people who like strength training.

I think it is important to remind others, who like to strength train but don’t really like doing so or have the intent for their training to benefit themselves in other physical related tasks, to train for power production as well.

Maximal strength is awesome.

Muscular size is awesome.

There are so many commonly known means of training for these qualities.

But training for power production is very beneficial too, not just for people who like/participate in sports.

“Muscle power declines more rapidly than muscle strength with increasing age.” (E. Jeffrey Metter)

Research around this topic has shown that muscular power is a more powerful predictor of all-cause mortality than muscular strength.

Power output on a leg press performed by aging adults is strongly related to their ability or inability to stand up out of a chair and their ability to avoid falling.

And what is so cool about training for power is that, doing so is very simple as well.

If you are already training and in good shape, you don’t need any special equipment (any sprinting, jumping and bounding will do.)

Plus you can add Olympic lifts if you are familiar with them, you can lift weights as fast as you can to train for muscular power.

For a video on the topic see the link below:

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